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Private Practice: Healthcare Business and Tax Strategies

Private Practice: Healthcare Business and Tax Strategies for Success
John P Duggan, EdD and George B. Diner MBA, CFE
In this session, registered Maryland tax preparer George Dines, Jr. discusses ways to develop a solid healthcare business strategy. Learn about the different types of entities available to counselors and the benefits and drawback to each type of business.
Learning Objectives:
1.Understand the different types of business structure.
2.Learn ways to manage business taxes.
3.Discuss various benefits to using different entity structures.
CE Credit(s):
1.5 NBCC Hours; 0 CRCC Hours; 1.5 WA Hours; 0 APT Hours; 0 NAADAC Hours; 1.5 NY Hours; 0 Ethics Hours
NBCC ACEP No. 1000
March 01, 2022
Video-Based Continuing Education Product
Available for Immediate Download