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ACA Advocacy Competencies: A Social Justice Framework


ACA Advocacy Competencies: A Social Justice Framework for Counselors

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Additional Information:
"ACA Advocacy Competencies is a book that will modernize and make counseling more relevant to multiple populations. Regardless of our specialization, we can all learn more effective practice and teaching by reading and using this book in our daily work."

—Allen E. Ivey, EdD, ABPP
Distinguished University Professor (Emeritus)
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
and Courtesy Professor, University of South Florida, Tampa

"Examples of implementing microlevel and macrolevel advocacy strategies in a range of settings and for varied purposes with individuals and groups are the strength of this very timely text. Each chapter brings to life real-world issues faced by clients, institutions, and counselors, as well as possible solutions through the principles of social-justice-based advocacy strategies."

—Patricia Arredondo, EdD
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

"This book represents the best examination of more than 30 years of thinking about counseling on a systemic level. Its ideas will help take the counseling process beyond individual intervention to intervention into challenging environments as well."

—Courtland C. Lee, PhD
University of Maryland

Experts discuss how counselors, counselor educators, and students can use the ideals in the ACA Advocacy Competencies with diverse client populations (people of color, clients living in poverty, people with disabilities, LGBTQ individuals, older persons), across various counseling settings (K-12, private practice, colleges and universities, counselor education and supervision), and in multiple specialty areas (group work, career counseling, rehabilitation, substance abuse counseling). Examples in each chapter provide guidance as to when individual empowerment counseling is sufficient or when situations call for advocacy on behalf of clients or their communities within the public arena or political domain. Thought provoking and engaging, this book is an invaluable resource for teaching and course work and a call for all counselors to participate in social justice and systems change.
edited by Manivong J. Ratts, Rebecca L. Toporek, Judith A. Lewis
February 01, 2010