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Mastering the Art of Solution-Focused Counseling, 2nd ed


Mastering the Art of Solution-Focused Counseling, Second Edition

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Additional Information:
"This 2nd edition is comparable to experiencing the latest model of a fine luxury car. While you may have thought improvements could not be made, the upgrade is noticeable, pleasing, professional, and surprising. Dr. Guterman gets his points across in interesting ways that make the trip through this book enlightening, delightful, and worthwhile."

—Samuel T. Gladding, PhD
Wake Forest University

"This is a wonderfully practical, user-friendly text that makes solution-focused counseling accessible. It is a must read, and I will be recommending it to all of our students and graduates."

—Anne Hearon Rambo, PhD
Nova Southeastern University

"Clearly a master clinician, Jeffrey Guterman has done the helping professions a tremendous service by writing this rare and outstanding book. His decades of experience, clinical wisdom, and intellectual depth shine through in this text, which will be of great use to everyone-from beginning students to experienced practitioners."

—James T. Hansen, PhD
Oakland University

The most current trends in solution-focused counseling are explored in the latest edition of this updated and expanded text. Dr. Guterman provides a comprehensive and straightforward discussion of solution-focused theory and describes how the model can be used throughout the therapeutic process. Clinical techniques and detailed case studies illustrate counseling with clients experiencing a range of problems, including depression, substance abuse, grief, morbid jealousy, and trichotillomania. New chapters and sections in this edition address anxiety, eating disorders, migraine headache, psychosis, spiritual and religious problems, self-injurious behavior, and suicide. Additional features include excerpts of dialogue from actual counseling sessions, sample forms and supplementary materials, and troubleshooting tips for getting unstuck in difficult cases. The final chapter titled "The Future of Solution-Focused Counseling" considers new directions for the model as well as developments in research, clinical settings, and technology.
Jeffrey T. Guterman
May 20, 2013