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Treatment Strategies for Substance and Process Addictions


Treatment Strategies for Substance and Process Addictions

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Additional Information:
"Substance addiction and abuse permeate modern life at unrecognized levels, and many behavioral addictions go completely unrecognized or untreated. Dr. Smith and his colleagues present realistic examples of the complete spectrum of substance and process addictions with integrated models of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. It is important for all professionals to learn how pervasive this problem is and how to create effective client treatment plans. This book should be mandatory reading for all counselors and therapists."

—Jon Carlson, PsyD, EdD
Distinguished Professor, Governors State University

"This important resource for practitioners, counselor educators, and students uniquely addresses the behavioral addictions particularly relevant in contemporary society. This is a 'must have' for any professional working with addiction issues. I look forward to using this text in my practice and in the classroom!"

—Thelma Duffey, PhD
President, American Counseling Association (2015-2016)

"This book offers readers a bevy of case studies and evidenced-based strategies for effectively counseling clients struggling with addictive disorders. It highlights the importance of assessing and treating the cooccurrence of substance and process addictions, resulting in improved treatment outcomes for clients."

—W. Bryce Hagedorn, PhD
President, Association for Spiritual, Ethical, & Religious Values in Counseling (ASERVIC)
Program Director of Counselor Education, University of Central Florida

This distinctive and timely text examines the most prevalent substance and process addictions and focuses on current research and evidence-based treatment strategies. Major substance addictions discussed include alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, methamphetamines, and prescription drugs. Complete chapters are also devoted to the most frequently cited process addictions, making this text unique. Behavioral addictions covered in this text include pathological gambling, sex disorders, disordered eating, work, exercise, shopping, and Internet/gaming.

Each chapter contains a listing of student learning outcomes, a case study with reflective questions, techniques for assessment and diagnosis, inpatient and outpatient treatment approaches, and resources for further study. With its emphasis on treatment strategies, this text can be used by practitioners as well as by professors in the classroom in introductory courses in addictions or in subsequent courses that focus on treatment strategies.

This book can earn you Continuing Education credits! Click Alcohol Addiction and Internet Addiction to view and order the CE products.
Robert L. Smith
January 20, 2015