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Addiction in the Family: What Every Counselor Needs to Know

Addiction in the Family: What Every Counselor Needs to Know

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"Virginia Kelly combines clinical wisdom and research expertise in this comprehensive text. Plentiful case studies bring each chapter to life as Dr. Kelly translates the principles of family and addictions counseling into concrete, clear terms. This text offers an outstanding foundation for counselors seeking to understand the intersection of addiction and family system processes-an all-too-common phenomenon in clinical practice. It is also a must-read for students aiming to specialize in the area of family counseling."

—Trevor J. Buser, PhD
Editor, Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling

"Addiction in the Family is a comprehensive overview of systemic theoretical underpinnings and clinical application of addictions counseling in a variety of treatment settings. Instructors and counselors alike will appreciate the diverse range of clients depicted in case studies throughout the text. Practical implications for counselors are provided, including explanations of how the material relates to recent neuroscientific findings. Beginning and experienced clinicians will also appreciate that much of the information is easily adaptable for use in psychoeducation with clients."

—Leigh Falls Holman, PhD
President, International Association of Addiction and Offender Counselors

This book identifies and addresses potential clinical issues for clients who have family members struggling with addiction, and offers concrete strategies for treatment. Viewing addiction as a family disease, Dr. Kelly explores the complex challenges faced by family members, examines the ways in which substance use disorders affect family dynamics, and discusses behaviors that help to sustain recovery and create and maintain healthy relationships.

A brief history of substance abuse is provided, as are the primary models of addiction and family theory. Chapters on codependency and the emotional, relational, and behavioral consequences of living with a family member with a substance use disorder follow. The universality of substance abuse is then examined along with specific ethnic and cultural differences. Family support group treatment options complete the text. Case conceptualization exercises that contain reflections, implications for the counselor, and discussion questions for application of the material are interspersed throughout the book to link theory to practice.

This book can earn you Continuing Education credit! Click Emotional Consequences of Living With a Person With an SUD to view and order the CE.
Virginia A. Kelly
September 20, 2016