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Using Technology to Enhance Clinical Supervision


Using Technology to Enhance Clinical Supervision

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"This excellent team of content experts address not only a range of technologies and their uses, but also the legal and ethical considerations to which supervisors should attend. It is essential that supervisors be technologically competent, and this volume will be invaluable in helping to ensure that competence."

—Rodney K. Goodyear, PhD
University of Redlands

"The editors and expert contributors show us the tremendous value of integrating technology into clinical supervision, and of closely attending to the nuances and opportunities involved with preparing and supervising counselors in an ever-changing landscape. This is a must-have resource for the delivery of clinical supervision today."

—Danica G. Hays, PhD
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"Rousmaniere and Renfro-Michel offer a compelling and comprehensive understanding of how supervisors and supervisees can benefit from integrating technology into the supervisory process. There is a technology wave approaching, and these authors provide the tools needed to successfully ride the wave rather than crash into it."

—Nicholas Ladany, PhD
University of San Diego

This is the first comprehensive research and practice-based guide for understanding and assessing supervision technology and for using it to improve the breadth and depth of services offered to supervisees and clients. Written by supervisors, for supervisors, it examines the technology that is currently available and how and when to use it.

Part I provides a thorough review of the technological, legal, ethical, cultural, accessibility, and security competencies that are the foundation for effectively integrating technology into clinical supervision. Part II presents applications of the most prominent and innovative uses of technology across the major domains in counseling, along with best practices for delivery. Each chapter in this section contains a literature review, concrete examples for use, case examples, and lessons learned.

This book can earn you Continuing Education credit! Click Ethical Issues Related to the Use of Technology in Clinical Supervision to view and order the CE.
edited by Tony Rousmaniere and Edina Renfro-Michel
July 20, 2016