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Postmodern Career Counseling: A Handbook

Postmodern Career Counseling: A Handbook of Culture, Context, and Cases

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"Leading the way with their own vision and scholarly touch, editors Busacca and Rehfuss have assembled a diverse group of contributors who showcase postmodernist-based principles. Educators, practitioners, researchers, and graduate students alike will find this book a ready resource for all things postmodern in career counseling theory and practice today."

—Paul J. Hartung, PhD
Northeast Ohio Medical University
Editor, The Career Development Quarterly

"If you think you don't need to build or update your career counseling skills, think again. This book does an excellent job of highlighting pragmatic information and useful resources for career counselors to help clients ground themselves in meaning and purpose while navigating our rapidly-changing world. Written from a culturally diverse and gender-inclusive perspective, the examples and case studies throughout the text make theory come alive. Counselor educators, mental health counselors, and career counselors will all take away innovative and practical tools."

—Carol A. Vecchio
Life Design/Career Counselor
Author, The Time Between Dreams: How to Navigate Uncertainty in Your Life and Work

This practiced-based handbook describes postmodern career counseling models and methods designed to meet clients' diverse needs in today's challenging work environment. Readers will gain a solid understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of postmodern career counseling and learn practical approaches to counseling clients of various ages and backgrounds on occupational choice and other issues, such as coping with developmental tasks, career transitions, and work traumas.

Drawing directly from their experiences with clients, career counseling experts link theory to practice in 17 application chapters that demonstrate the process of postmodern career assessment and intervention embedded in culture and context. Multicultural case vignettes and a "Practical Application Guide" in each of these chapters facilitate classroom learning and discussion.

This book can earn you Continuing Education credit! Click Multicultural Career Counseling: Limitations of Traditional Career Theory to view and order the CE.
edited by Louis A. Busacca and Mark C. Rehfuss
May 20, 2017