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Critical Incidents in School Counseling, Third Edition

Critical Incidents in School Counseling,Third Edition

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Additional Information:
"Critical Incidents in School Counseling provides excellent training for school counselors interested in self-study or continuing professional development. In addition, it allows counselor educators to create teachable moments in their classrooms and offers school counseling students the opportunity to wrestle with issues they will face during internship and upon accepting a position as a school counselor."

—Carol J. Kaffenberger, PhD
George Mason University

"This is a unique and rich contribution to the school counseling literature, replete with riveting and realistic scenarios accompanied by thoughtful recommendations and helpful resources. Reading the incidents is akin to sitting down for a consultation with wise and creative colleagues. This book will no doubt provide insight, challenge, and comfort to practicing school counselors, as well as a welcome and thought-provoking tool for training future school counselors."

—Tim Grothaus, PhD
Old Dominion University

"This book contains a treasure trove of critical incidents to prepare counselors-in-training for the school counseling profession. Its structure and organization provides real-world experiences and responses that are easy to understand and apply. The quality of the class assignments and small group exercises adds real value to the text."

—Deryl F. Bailey, PhD
University of Georgia

This practical text explores contemporary case scenarios that arise in school counseling with children and adolescents. Throughout 30 chapters on a diverse range of topics, several school counseling experts analyze and discuss each incident from a best practices perspective. Topics are organized around the CACREP Standards and incidents include a list of related supplemental readings, online resources, and suggested learning activities. Issues explored include trauma, drug use, pregnancy, cyberbullying, suicide, gangs, parental conflicts, sexual orientation, third-culture students, student career development, and ethical and professional dilemmas.

Tarrell Awe Agahe Portman, Chris Wood, and Heather J. Fye
March 01, 2019