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Disaster Mental Health Counseling, Fourth Edition

Disaster Mental Health Counseling: A Guide to Preparing and Responding, Fourth Edition

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Additional Information:
This timely book provides current research and skill-building information on Disaster Mental Health Counseling for counselors, educators, students, and mental health responders in agencies, schools, universities, and private practice. Recognized experts in the field detail effective clinical interventions with survivors in the immediate, intermediate, and long-term aftermath of traumatic events.

This extensively revised edition, which meets 2016 CACREP Standards for disaster and trauma competencies, is divided into three sections: Disaster Mental Health Counseling Foundations, Disaster and Trauma Response in the Community, and Disasters and Mass Violence at Schools and Universities. Real-world responses to violence and tragedies among diverse populations in a variety of settings are presented, and responders share their personal stories and vital lessons learned through an "In Our Own Words" feature. Each chapter contains discussion questions and case studies are interwoven throughout the text.
edited by Jane M. Webber and J. Barry Mascari
American Counseling Association Foundation
February 20, 2018