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Reality Therapy and Self-Evaluation

Reality Therapy and Self-Evaluation: The Key to Client Change

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Additional Information:
"Dr. Robert Wubbolding has written a very helpful book explaining and extending the role of clients self-evaluating their behavior. He provides practical strategies for creating action plans that lead to positive behavioral change and his cases and sample dialogues bring these strategies to life."

—Gerald Corey, EdD
Professor Emeritus of Human Services and Counseling
California State University, Fullerton

"This is another brilliant book by Dr. Robert Wubbolding, long-time trusted associate of the late William Glasser, MD. It is an insightful guide to the process of self-evaluation, which is a reliably effective way to fulfill your own needs and be happy."

—Carleen Glasser
President, William Glasser, Inc.

"This seminal text teaches the implementation of Dr. Wubbolding's major contribution to self-evaluation and the WDEP formulation, which is now recognized as the standard for this counseling methodology. Readers will quickly grasp new ways to help their clients unravel dilemmas, gain hope, and take action. The meaningful examples, interactive clinician-client dialogues, and provocative discussion questions bring Bob's unique talent, wisdom, and effectiveness to the clinician's office."

—Pamela P. Gerdes, LISW-S
LifeWay Counseling Centers

This unique resource discusses the core concepts of self-evaluation and the WDEP system of reality therapy, and answers the commonly asked question: "How do I intervene with clients who appear to be unmotivated to make changes in their behavior?" Choice theory/reality therapy expert Robert Wubbolding provides mental health professionals with skill-building strategies for helping clients better self-evaluate, embrace the change process, and make more effective life choices. Detailed interventions and sample counselor-client dialogues throughout the book illustrate work with clients dealing with posttraumatic stress, anger issues, grieving and loss, self-injury, antisocial behavior, career concerns, relationship problems, and more. Dr. Wubbolding's techniques are readily applicable to mental health and educational settings, with cross-cultural application to clients of various ages.
Robert E. Wubbolding
January 20, 2017