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Multicultural Issues in Counseling, Fifth Edition

Multicultural Issues in Counseling: New Approaches to Diversity, Fifth Edition

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Additional Information:
"Dr. Lee continues to broaden our understanding of multiculturalism and social justice from inclusive identity perspectives. This book offers current and future directions for counselor educators and practitioners."

-Patricia Arredondo, PhD

"This extraordinary collection is comprehensive in scope, ethical in its discernments, and realistic in the manner in which it informs readers navigating their own personal self-awareness journeys. The text provides wide-ranging and constructive intervention strategies that helping professionals may integrate into culturally competent practices."

-S. Kent Butler, PhD

"This fifth edition is an insightful perspective on counseling clients from diverse backgrounds in contemporary society. Undergirded by the Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competencies model as a framework, it tackles emergent needs of populations such as new immigrant and military communities and the evolving needs of longer recognized populations. Yet, the critical concept of intersectionality, among others, guides counselors-in-training and seasoned counselors through competency development from a holistic and ecological approach."

-Sylvia C. Nassar, PhD

With an emphasis on direct application to practice, this graduate-level text offers strategies for working with diverse client groups in a variety of settings. Introductory chapters build a foundation for cross-cultural counseling with discussions on current theory, the ongoing pursuit of multicultural competence, and the complexities of intersecting identities. Next, 15 chapters designed to help counselors develop their knowledge about and skills with the following populations are presented:

• African Americans • American Indians • Arab Americans • Asian and Pacific Islanders • Economically disadvantaged clients • Immigrants • Latinx • LGBTQ clients • Men • Military personnel • Multiracial individuals • Older adults • People with disabilities • White people of European descent • Women

Detailed case studies in this section illustrate real-world perspectives on assessment and treatment for an increased understanding of culturally responsive counseling. The final section of the book focuses on ethics and social justice issues.
edited by Courtland C. Lee
July 20, 2019