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Youth at Risk, 7th edition

Youth at Risk: A Prevention Resource for Counselors, Teachers, and Parents, Seventh Edition

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Additional Information:
"The new edition of this well-respected book presents a powerful collection of chapters that address the significant challenges and possibilities of youth-focused prevention and intervention services. In addition to tackling the most pressing and timely topics of youth care-social media influences, sexual orientation, bullying, and substance misuse, to name just a few-the chapters are written and organized in user-friendly ways that will help mental health professionals, teachers, and parents immediately apply the book's content to their work with youth at the individual, family, school, or community levels."

—John J. Murphy, PhD
University of Central Arkansas

"This revised edition provides up-to-date and relevant information about the multitude of factors that put youth at risk. The case studies and practical guidelines for prevention and intervention make this book a must-have for practitioners seeking to increase their knowledge and skills to work more effectively with this vulnerable population."

—Ann Vernon, PhD
Professor Emerita, University of Northern Iowa

This comprehensive text, written by experts in each topical area, provides research-based approaches designed for work with youth in the difficult transition from adolescence to adulthood. Developmental in its orientation, the text moves from population definition and identification, to causal factors and issues most often identified with placing youth at risk, to a prevention-intervention paradigm specifically created for teens. Illustrative case studies and enlightening sidebars enhance reader self-awareness, promote self-study and skill development, and aid in the comprehension of the concepts and applications of chapter material.

Complimentary PowerPoint slides, test banks, and instructional activities are available for instructors' use by request to ACA.
edited by David Capuzzi and Douglas R. Gross
February 01, 2019