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The Counselor and the Law, Eighth Edition

The Counselor and the Law: A Guide to Legal and Ethical Practice, Eighth Edition

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"Wheeler and Bertram's The Counselor and the Law is a beautifully written text from the unique perspectives of an attorney and an experienced practitioner who provide risk management strategies for counselors. It presents complex concepts in an understandable manner and is an indispensable resource for practitioners, counselor educators, and students."

—Mary A. Hermann, JD, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University

"This critical reference deals with a host of legal issues affecting the counseling profession, such as informed consent, social media, confidentiality, documentation, and professional boundaries, and informs counselors about legal issues impacting our work with clients and students. The Counselor and the Law is a handy companion to the ACA Code of Ethics and should be in every counseling professional's office."

—Michael M. Kocet, PhD
ACA Ethics Committee (2001-2007)

"Wheeler and Bertram's newest edition is a unique contribution to the literature and the authors do a wonderful job of helping professional counselors stay abreast of growing legislation across the country. This edition incorporates new technology features and considerations, which are difficult to stay on top of, that have expanded the legal and ethical concerns around record management, the provision of counseling services, and contact with clients outside of counseling. Case studies with true-to-life examples are engaging and enhance counselors' ethical decision-making skills."

—Kathy Ybañez-Llorente, PhD, LPC-S
Texas State University

This eighth edition provides a current and comprehensive discussion of counselors' legal and ethical responsibilities, an examination of state and federal laws as they relate to practice, and helpful risk management strategies. Attorney Nancy Wheeler and Burt Bertram, a private practitioner and counselor educator, offer real-world practical tips to help navigate professional risks while providing competent clinical care. New or updated topics include matters surrounding informed consent, current case law on duty to warn/protect and issues surrounding suicide in college/university settings, electronic records and ransomware concerns, and updates on state licensure board data regarding boundary violations. The authors' legal and ethical decision-making model will assist counselors and students with processing their own legal and ethical dilemmas, and the ACA Code of Ethics is included as a handy reference.

This book can earn you Continuing Education credit! Click Risk Management: Professional School Counselors and Positive Practices to view and order the CE.
Anne Marie "Nancy" Wheeler and Burt Bertram
February 01, 2019