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Integrating Spirituality and Religion Into Counseling, 3 ed

Integrating Spirituality and Religion Into Counseling: A Guide to Competent Practice, Third Edition

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Additional Information:
"This third edition masterfully integrates the diverse manifestations of religion and spirituality in counseling and balances didactic content and demonstration of practice. Focused on holism, wellness, and intersectionality, the authors examine how religion and spirituality shape client experiences and also implore us to consider how we are impacted as counselors. I highly recommend this text for counselor training and as a valuable resource for counselors and supervisors."

—Hannah B. Bayne, PhD
University of Florida

"This must-read text is for anyone seeking to ethically and competently integrate issues of spirituality and religion into counselor training or professional practice. In addition to considering the role and function of spirituality in a client's life, the authors offer a wealth of knowledge and helpful applications grounded in empirical research that will not only strengthen holistic counseling, but also further your own journey toward authenticity and wellness."

—Abigail H. Conley, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University
Editor, Counseling and Values

"Since the first edition, this book has been a practice companion for professional counselors. Continuing this tradition, this new edition is beautifully accessible for new professionals and a valuable tool for more seasoned clinicians."

—Laura Marinn Pierce, PhD
Winthrop University

Guided by the framework of the ASERVIC Competencies for Addressing Spiritual and Religious Issues in Counseling, this comprehensive handbook for counselors-in-training and practitioners presents a variety of in-session spiritual interventions supported by scientific research. The authors take an inclusive approach to understanding client beliefs and formulate interventions that foster therapeutic growth in individuals from diverse backgrounds. Detailed case studies and questions for reflection throughout the text are appropriate for individual or group discussions. New chapters on ethics, forgiveness, and the integration of sacred texts in session reflect the evolving understanding of integrating spirituality and religion in the counseling process.
edited by Craig S. Cashwell and J. Scott Young
December 15, 2019