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Coping Skills for a Stressful World: A Workbook

Coping Skills for a Stressful World: A Workbook for Counselors and Clients

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"Bravo to Drs. Muratori and Haynes on this timely resource that provides insightful and compassionate narratives on key presenting problems in therapy, combined with actionable exercises and techniques for both counselors and clients as they navigate together through disturbing times in our society. This workbook should be in every counselor's library and will prove to be one of the well-worn favorites reached for consistently when looking for a way to help a client."

—Patrice Moulton, PhD
Northwestern State University of Louisiana

"Coping skills for today's rapidly changing world are essential. In this gem of a workbook, Michelle Muratori and Robert Haynes have uniquely combined their abilities and years of scholarship and professional experiences. They emphasize the importance of developing client and counselor resilience and wellness, and their book has something for everyone to maximize the benefits of the counseling experience. I strongly recommend this excellent, thought-provoking, and engaging workbook."

—George T. Williams, EdD, NCC
The Citadel

"Coping Skills for a Stressful World presents an engaging and careful balance of essential knowledge, skills, and activities in an accessible guide to the treatment of issues commonly encountered in our contemporary world. The exercises can be used in session, as homework for clients, or by any individual who is concerned with the topics addressed in this highly readable book."

—Mary Guindon, PhD
Kansas State University

This comprehensive counseling tool kit for stress management provides clinicians with hundreds of client exercises and activities. Representing a variety of therapeutic approaches, this workbook offers creative techniques for helping clients handle traditional concerns, including anxiety, depression, anger, and grief in addition to heightened present-day issues, such as natural and human-made disasters, the misuse of social media, political divisiveness, social injustice, and mass shootings and other violence.

Drs. Muratori and Haynes give their personal and professional perspectives on successfully working with clients therapeutically and also invite a number of expert clinicians to share their experiences and exercises they have used that have been effective with clients. The final section of the workbook presents strategies for counselor self-care and client life after counseling.
Michelle Muratori and Robert Haynes
March 15, 2020
spiral bound