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Neuroscience-Informed Counseling With Children & Adolescents

Neuroscience-Informed Counseling With Children and Adolescents

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Additional Information:
"This is a serious yet understandable book that needs to be on every counselor's bookshelf. It makes a superb text for child and adolescent counseling courses or an excellent supplementary resource for theories courses. The case material is outstanding, and professors will find the content alignment with the CACREP Standards particularly helpful. The broad expertise of the authors speaks to a general audience, and they provide accurate, clear, and relevant information on neuroscience that is immediately useful. In short, this is a significant contribution to our profession."

—Allen E. Ivey, EdD, ABPP
Distinguished University Professor (Emeritus)
University of Massachusetts Amherst

"This groundbreaking and comprehensive text is a must-have for any helping professional who works with today's youth. This powerful resource contains the latest knowledge and research about neurocounseling and neuroscience, and the neuro-informed strategies and techniques are particularly helpful. This book is one that you will definitely want in your library."

—Lori A. Russell-Chapin, PhD
Bradley University

This innovative text is the first to illustrate how neuroscience concepts can be translated and applied to counseling with children and adolescents. Drs. Field and Ghoston discuss general principles for child and adolescent counseling before examining neurophysiological development from birth to age 18. They then provide in-session examples of neuroscience-informed approaches to behavior modification, play therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, biofeedback, neurofeedback, and therapeutic lifestyle change with diverse clients in a variety of settings.

Each chapter contains knowledge and skill-building material for counselors-in-training; counselor educators; and practitioners in schools, hospitals, residential facilities, and outpatient clinics. Text features include learning objectives, alignment with the CACREP Standards specific to child and adolescent counseling, explanatory diagrams, reflection questions to prompt deep processing of the material, case vignettes to demonstrate how to apply neuroscience concepts to counseling work, and quiz questions to test knowledge of key concepts. In addition, the text includes an extensive neuroscience glossary.
Thomas A. Field and Michelle R. Ghoston
March 15, 2020