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Critical Incidents in Counselor Education

Critical Incidents in Counselor Education: Teaching, Supervision, Scholarship, Leadership, and Advocacy

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Additional Information:
"This book provides a unique map for traversing the often challenging but always rewarding road traveled by counselor educators. Swank, Barrio Minton, and their contributors share unique perspectives on how to develop as a counseling teacher, supervisor, researcher, and advocate. Novice counselor educators as well as veterans in the profession can gain insight from this important book."

—Courtland C. Lee, PhD
ACA Past President, 1997-1998
Retired Counselor Educator

"Swank and Barrio Minton recognize the complexity of the roles and responsibilities of counselors, supervisors, scholars, leaders, and faculty by offering critical incidents as a foundational tool in counselor education to work through in preparation and practice. The authors who contributed their expertise in writing and responding to these critical incidents represent a diversity of experiences."

—Donna M. Gibson, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University

In this textbook, prominent counselor educators provide guidance on key aspects of counselor education through case incidents in which an educator, student, supervisor, supervisee, researcher, or leader in the field is facing an ethical, moral, legal, or professional dilemma. Forty diverse case scenarios spanning four CACREP Standard domains for doctoral programs focus on real-world application of theories, concepts, and techniques. The incidents provide multiple perspectives on current issues faced in practice and promote learning opportunities for growth and development through critical thinking, discussion, and reflection. Each incident includes an evaluation of professional issues, a review of applicable ethical codes, a discussion of diversity and inclusion considerations, and an analysis of action steps and outcomes.
edited by Jacqueline M. Swank and Casey A. Barrio Minton
November 02, 2021