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Antiracist Counseling in Schools and Communities

Antiracist Counseling in Schools and Communities

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Additional Information:
"This definitive resource for school counselors deconstructs long-standing school counseling standards and practices that have concretized racist thinking and actions in the counseling profession. The chapters, written by school counseling experts, provide a foundation for antiracist thinking, doing, and teaching in school counseling."

—Carla R. Adkison-Johnson, PhD
Western Michigan University
Editor, Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development

"In this important book, Dr. Holcomb-McCoy leads a group of perspicacious authors who identify and deconstruct the persistence of racism in schools and their surrounding communities. This is an invaluable resource for educators and mental health professionals who crave specific strategies leading to more equitable and flourishing social systems."

—Matthew E. Lemberger-Truelove, PhD
University of North Texas
Editor, Journal of Counseling & Development

"The authors of this groundbreaking text bring years of scholarly work, personal experience, and a deep passion to the transformative nature of antiracist work in the counseling profession. They take risks and share personal stories of cultural humility and professional growth. Their call to action charges us to actively dismantle the policies, practices, and procedures that sustain institutional racism and the power structures perpetuating white supremacy in our schools."

—Trish Hatch, PhD
Professor Emeritus, San Diego State University

This book builds on social justice and multicultural counseling research and operationalizes what counselors need to know and do to combat systemic racism. Readers will learn how to define an antiracist approach to their work and behavior; proactively address racial incidents in schools; create college and career readiness systems for students of color; and apply antiracist perspectives to K-12 counseling practice, counselor professional development, school-family-community partnerships, counselor training programs, and counseling supervision. Practical appendixes include a professional development tool for critical self-reflection and an antiracist syllabus review protocol.

This book can earn you Continuing Education credits! Click Justice and Advocacy: Antiracist Counseling in Schools and Communities and Students of Color: Using an Antiracism Ecological Framework for College and Career Readiness to view and order the CE products.
edited by Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy
November 19, 2021