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Counseling Research: A Practitioner-Scholar Approach, 2e

Counseling Research: A Practitioner-Scholar Approach, Second Edition

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Additional Information:
"Rick Balkin and David Kleist have done a great job of breaking down the research process step by step for graduate students. Whether you are faculty wondering what research text to select for your class, a doctoral student wanting to engage in research or start your dissertation, or a counselor looking to strengthen your research knowledge, this outstanding book offers guidance on how to become a competent researcher."

—Kelly L. Wester, PhD
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

"This new edition provides researchers with real-world methods to translate their findings into practice that counselors can take action on, as well as evidence-based help for the people who need it the most. Drs. Balkin and Kleist have created an easy-to-read text that should be a go-to reference for any counseling practitioner or researcher."

—Paul R. Peluso, PhD
Florida Atlantic University

This widely adopted and accessible introductory text for counselors-in-training and emerging researchers provides a foundational understanding of the primary research methods used in counseling and how these concepts can be applied to research design. Writing in a clear and conversational tone, the authors emphasize the importance of ethics and multicultural issues in informing research, demonstrate a professional counselor identity within the framework of research, and outline specific evidence-based and empirically supported findings for counseling practice.

The book contains four parts that explain the practitioner-scholar model and the research process, quantitative and qualitative research methodology and design, and research measurement and program evaluation. Key features include a discussion of the fundamentals of statistics, practical research design illustrations in each chapter, guidelines for the development of an initial study, and suggested activities that synthesize and apply chapter content.

New to this edition is a glossary to assist readers with the technical terms discussed in the text and a test manual and PowerPoints for instructors' use, which are available by request from the American Counseling Association.
Richard S. Balkin and David M. Kleist
October 25, 2022