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Interactive Group Work 2nd edition

Interactive Group Work, Second Edition

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"Students and practitioners of group work, as well as the faculty and supervisors working with them will hit a 'bases-loaded home run' with this innovative text! Written with a highly accessible style, the authors present foundational group work theory, skills, and practical applications of the contemporary research to support group workers across the developmental continuum. They also infuse illustrative examples and offer both activities and additional resources to help readers experientially extend the material."

—Melissa M. Luke, PhD
Dean's Professor, Department of Counseling and Human Services
Syracuse University

"The authors offer readers a robust new edition that retains that which made this work great in the first place! They demonstrate—by detailing keen insights into the process of groups and by rich real-world examples—the universe of interactive group work. This text reveals how and why groups work effectively across multiple purposes and memberships. At a time when society reels in the tumult of change, this text captures the very context that contemporizes the way we think about group work, how we lead them, how we belong to them, and how we benefit from them."

—Kurt L. Kraus , PhD
Professor Emeritus of Counselor Education
Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

A comprehensive and efficient guide for both novice and experienced group leaders, Interactive Group Work helps group leaders to create the conditions across group types and settings that enable group members to support one another.

From group work principles to theories and procedures, this text focuses on group counseling and therapy and explores the shared foundations with psychoeducational and task groups. Through in-depth explanations and real-world examples, it illustrates how groups work and builds knowledge of how to create successful group environments—places where group members interact, grow, change, and achieve their goals. This book goes in depth on how to set the stage for group work and enhance the experience for leaders and clients. A supplemental Instructor's Manual of test questions is available by request from ACA.
Jane E. Atieno Okech, Deborah J. Rubel,, and William B. Kline
October 16, 2023