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Assessment in Counseling, Seventh Edition

Assessment in Counseling: Procedures and Practices, Seventh Edition

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Additional Information:
"Assessment in Counseling prepares counselors for using assessments effectively and ethically in their work. This most recent edition continues the tradition of excellence for which this important counseling resource is known. Dr. Hays provides a current, thorough, and comprehensive overview of assessment that all counselors will benefit from and contextualizes the use of assessments across settings and cultures. If I were to recommend one book on assessment in counseling to my students, it would be this one."

—Spencer Niles, PhD
Professor and Immediate Past Dean
William & Mary

"In the latest edition of this popular text, Hays does a masterful job of building a robust conceptual foundation for readers that guides them through various applications of quantitative and qualitative assessment practices. New added content highlights the emerging emphasis on social justice, wellness, and telehealth in contemporary practice settings."

—Joshua C. Watson, PhD
Fellow, American Counseling Association
Past President, Association for Assessment
and Research in Counseling

This best-selling text explains the basic principles of psychological assessment and measurement and guides students and practitioners in the appropriate selection, interpretation, and communication of test results. Danica Hays introduces more than 150 assessment instruments used to evaluate mental health, intelligence, career development, wellness, personality, and interpersonal relationships. This latest edition covers new or expanded content on assessment use in schools, colleges/universities, and telehealth platforms; interprofessional collaboration to support assessment practices and procedures; qualitative assessment approaches and how they can be infused throughout counseling and assessment; cultural and social justice considerations and practices; and crisis and trauma assessment.

Numerous in-text features facilitate teaching and learning, including chapter pretests, trainee-centered reflective and field activities, practitioner perspectives, tip sheets on major concepts and practices, sample assessment items and tools, and case examples. A supplemental Instructor's Guide is available by request that consists of a test bank, PowerPoint slides, and a sample syllabus.
Danica G. Hays
August 01, 2023