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Bullying in Schools: Six Methods of Intervention DVD

Bullying in Schools: Six Methods of Intervention DVD
Additional Information:
This informative DVD presented by Ken Rigby, an international expert on peer victimization and author of several books on bullying, gives clear, practical guidance on how to prevent and respond to bullying in high schools. Using actors and role play, the DVD features a typical bullying scenario and then demonstrates how the following six methods can be applied to the situation: the Disciplinary Approach, Restorative Practice, Strengthening the Victim, Student Mediation, the Support Group Method, and the Method of Shared Concern. By showing the advantages and weaknesses of each method, the counselor or teacher can see how each possible solution might work when handled with confidence and skill.

As well as being an empowerment tool, the DVD is entertaining and will be an invaluable resource for training school personnel in how to deal with this common and insidious problem. The disc includes a PDF booklet by Dr. Rigby with a summary of important information and discussion guidelines.

Produced by Loggerhead Films
presented by Ken Rigby
35 minutes