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Counseling Latinx and Men

Counseling Latinx and Men
Verna Olivia Flemming, PhD and Matthew L. Lyons, PhD
Of all the nations of the world, Fleming (2019) stated that only Mexico has a larger Latinx population than the U.S. By the year 2060, the number of Latinx in the U.S. is projected to grow to 129 million, or 31% of the population (Fleming, 2019). Also, men, comprising approximately 49% of the population, are a significant group. However, the role of men in contemporary society has changed significantly in recent years. Those changes afford men new opportunities but also new challenges. It is pivotal for counselors to be culturally competent in counseling Latinx and men. This Continuing Professional Development resource is based on Chapters 7 (Counseling Latinx) and 11 (Issues in Counseling Men) authored by Verna Oliva Flemming and Matthew L. Lyons, respectively, from the Multicultural Issues in Counseling: New Approaches to Diversity (5th ed.) from ACA (2019).
Learning Objectives:
1) Know cultural dynamics that have the potential to affect mental health and well-being among Latinx clients, 2) Understand gender norms for men and associated issues and challenges, 3) Discuss effective theoretical approaches for counseling men.
CE Credit(s):
1 NBCC Hours; 1 (CRC and CVE) CRCC Hours; 1 WA Hours; 0 APT Hours; 0 NAADAC Hours; 0 NY Hours; 0 Ethics Hours

This CE is based on an ACA book. Click Multicultural Issues in Counseling: New Approaches to Diversity, Fifth Edition to view the Table of Contents and purchase the book.
NBCC ACEP No. 1000
May 01, 2023
Text-Based Continuing Education Product
Available for Immediate Download