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Check-In/Check-Out Intervention With Peer-Monitoring

Check-In/Check-Out Intervention With Peer-Monitoring for a Student With Emotional-Behavioral Difficulties Providing intervention services to students with emotional-behavioral difficulties (EBD) in the educational setting can be challenging and typically requires collaboration among a number of individuals. The authors used an A-B single-case research design to examine the effectiveness of a check-in/check-out intervention with peer monitoring on the behavior of an elementary student with EBD when using a high school student as a peer monitor. Findings indicated that both students benefited from the intervention.
Hallie M. Smith, PhD; Tawny N. Evans-McCleon, PhD; Brooke Urbanski; and Cheryl Justice, PhD
NBCC ACEP No. 1000
July 28, 2015
JCD Article. Text-Based
1 CE Hour
Available for Immediate Download