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Global Wellness: Predicting Lower Levels of Anxiety

Global Wellness: Predicting Lower Levels of Anxiety and Depression Severity Global wellness: Predicting lower levels of anxiety and depression (Kalkbrenner, 2021) evaluates the construct validity for one of the only free inventories assessing global wellness in clients, the Lifestyle Practices and Health Consciousness Inventory (LPHCI), per the author, and examines the power of the instrument in predicting the severity of anxiety and depression; as well as whether there are differences in demographic variables in global wellness. This Continuing Professional Development resource provides counselors with a rationale for using wellness-based screening tools such as the LPHCI, information on how the psychometric properties of the LPHCI inform its administration and interpretation, and strategies for using the LPHCI to enhance the treatment planning for two of the most widespread mental health issues impacting adults in the United States: anxiety and depression.
Michael T. Kralkbrenner, PhD
NBCC ACEP No. 1000
January 21, 2022
JCD Article. Text-Based
1 CE Hour
Available for Immediate Download