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Culturally Adapted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety

Culturally Adapted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety and Depression
Sarah A. Silveus, PhD, LPC; Michael K. Schmit, PhD, LPC; Joy Teles Oliveira, PhD; and Lindsey E. Hughes, LPC
As the cultural diversity in the United States increases, so do the repeated calls for culturally responsive treatments for minority groups (Silveius et al., 2023). Culturally adapted forms of CBT (CA-CBT), as indicated by Silveius et al. (2023), have emerged as one of the most common culturally adapted psychotherapies and have been shown to be effective in treating depression and anxiety in individuals from different racial and/or ethnic minority groups, nationalities, religious affiliations, and genders. This meta-analysis evaluates the efficacy of culturally adapted CBT on depression and anxiety outcomes. It is the only comprehensive study examining the effectiveness of culturally adapted forms of CBT for anxiety and depression treatment.
Learning Objectives:
1.Understand the effectiveness of culturally adapted cognitive behavioral therapy (CA-CBT) on reducing depression and anxiety severity when compared to active alternative treatments.
2.Comprehend implications for counselor practice when providing treatment to culturally diverse populations.
3.Recognize limitations and research implications.
CE Credit(s):
1 NBCC Hours; 0 CRCC Hours; 1 WA Hours; 0 APT Hours; 0 NAADAC Hours; 1 NY Hours; 0 Ethics Hours
NBCC ACEP No. 1000
April 01, 2024
Text-Based Continuing Education Product
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