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Behavioral and Emotional Disorders in Children and Youths

Behavioral and Emotional Disorders in Children and Youths: Interventions & Best Practices

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) includes behavioral and emotional disorders (EBD) as one category of disability under which students may qualify for special education services. Improvements in the identification of and services to students with EBD has long been a priority of the Department of Education. This package of 3.0 hours of continuing education presents peer-reviewed studies, including a study of previous studies (meta-analysis), examining interventions and evidence-based practices for working with children and youths with conduct disorders, externalizing behaviors, emotional-behavioral difficulties. Courses Include:

PEJCD16005 - Meta-Analysis of Counseling Outcomes for Youth with Conduct Disorders
PEJCD15004 - Check-In/Check-Out Intervention with Peer-Monitoring
PEJCD15005 - Effects of Adlerian Play Therapy on Children Externalizing Behavior Without Intervention

Learning Objectives:
  • Examine the efficacy of counseling in reducing conduct disorder symptoms in school-age youth.
  • Analyze the duration of symptom reduction in youth diagnosed with conduct disorder following treatment termination.
  • Explore the check-in/check-out (CICO) intervention with peer-monitoring.
  • Review the effectiveness of the check-in/check-out (CICO) intervention with elementary students experiencing emotional-behavioral difficulties.
  • Explore the effectiveness of Adlerian play therapy on children's classroom behaviors.
  • Review the results of a single-case research design study which suggests Adlerian play therapy as promising intervention for children.