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Multicultural Counseling with Immigrant and Refugee

Multicultural Counseling with Immigrant and Refugee Communities
Courtland Lee, PhD; Vivan Lee, EdD; and John Duggan, EdD
Immigrant, Migrant, and Refugee communities face unique challenges when moving to a new country and culture. Drs. Vivian and Courtland Lee spent two years in Malta exploring and studying these cultures to gain an understanding of how to better counsel these groups, including asylum seekers. Understanding the motivation behind the decision to leave one’s home, and the relationship between acculturative stress and quality of life are key to understanding the counseling needs of the immigrant and refugee population.
Learning Objectives:
1.Learn to identify the stressors faced by migrant and refugee groups.
2.Better understand how stressors affect the coping skills of this population.
3.Understand the importance of assessing the cultural context of a client.
CE Credit(s):
1 NBCC Hours; 0 CRCC Hours; 1 WA Hours; 0 APT Hours; 0 NAADAC Hours; 0 NY Hours; 0 Ethics Hours
NBCC ACEP No. 1000
September 13, 2017
Video-Based Continuing Education Product
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