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Counseling Leaders and Advocates: Strengthening the Future

Counseling Leaders and Advocates: Strengthening the Future of the Profession

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"Powerful, impactful, empowering, uplifting, phenomenal! Reading this book as I start my ACA presidency has given me many culturally relevant insights to enhance my own personal leadership journey. Each storyteller's narrative is nothing less than awe-inspiring, highlighting their leadership strengths and the passion behind their advocacy. This book challenges counselors to put their best foot forward and provides the impetus for the systemic changes needed not only within the profession but throughout our global society as well."

—S. Kent Butler, PhD
University of Central Florida
ACA President, 2021-2022

"This text, with its spotlight on the movers and shakers in our profession, demonstrates how counselors can be agents of change. Their stories provide inspiration and hope that if we connect with our passion for change, if we lead and advocate, if we lean into the resources and supports available and act . . . we can create a bright future for counselors and those we serve."

—Victoria Kress, PhD
Youngstown State University
ACA Fellow

"As Storlie and Herlihy eloquently note in this book, being a leader in the counseling profession is driven by servant leadership, where leaders are motivated 'to improve the lives of others, not by personal gratification.' The authors demonstrate this by examining the lives of carefully chosen leaders in the field through the eyes of their mentees. These intimate portraits offer a deep understanding of critical leadership qualities and heighten our awareness of how we too can become leaders and advocates."

—Edward Neukrug, PhD
Old Dominion University

This text challenges readers to reflect on what they want to accomplish in their own careers and offers a behind-the-scenes look at becoming an effective leader and advocate. The authors provide information essential to the growth and development of counseling leaders and give newer professionals a clearer sense of what leadership and advocacy look like on the job. After a current perspective on what ethical and culturally responsive leadership entails, 13 counseling leaders—both long established and emerging and representing a wide range of cultural and intersectional backgrounds—share their unique stories in poignant personal profiles. The final section of the text highlights pertinent themes in the profiles and explores implications to strengthen the future of the profession.
edited by Cassandra A. Storlie and Barbara Herlihy
August 10, 2021