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A Contemporary Approach to Substance Use Disorders 3e

A Contemporary Approach to Substance Use Disorders and Addiction Counseling, Third Edition

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Additional Information:
"Brooks and McHenry have done it again! This third edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect the important changes that the DSM-5-TR brought to the treatment community—namely that substance use disorders are now viewed on a spectrum rather than as a dichotomy. Through their inclusion of such important topics as diversity, a systemic approach, grief and loss, spirituality, and mutual self-help support groups, readers will be comprehensively equipped to address the multiple needs of their clients who struggle with substance use and addictive disorders."

—W. Bryce Hagedorn, PhD
Professor and Program Director of Counselor Education
University of Central Florida
and American Counseling Association Fellow

"In this updated and revised version of their textbook, Brooks and McHenry again present a beautiful, readable blend of research and practice, perfect for both the new counselor and the experienced clinician. For anyone wishing to learn more about how to work effectively with people with substance use issues, I recommend this book highly."

—Kevin Doyle, EdD
President and CEO
Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies

A unique offering of both knowledge and information, this third edition reflects the latest practices and time-tested data. Brooks and McHenry offer relevant case examples that showcase the therapy process as it relates to clients with a substance use disorder and the impact on their families.

New approaches and techniques of medication-assisted treatment with opiate addiction, harm reduction, the use of peer recovery specialists and drug courts, and the importance of addressing trauma in the treatment process are thoroughly presented to ensure effective work with clients from intake through recovery. With a look at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic included, mental health professionals will gain an empathic understanding of the nonlinear process of recovery. A supplemental Instructor's Guide is available by request from ACA.
Ford Brooks and Bill McHenry
October 06, 2023