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Risk Management: Professional School Counselors and Positive

Risk Management: Professional School Counselors and Positive Practices
John P. Duggan, EdD; Anne Marie ""Nancy"" Wheeler, JD; and Burt Bertram, EdD
In this continuing professional development training, professional counselors will review the Legal-Ethical Decision Model (Wheeler & Bertram, 2019) and apply the decision-making process to a risk management vignette. The vignette outlines risk management, legal and ethical considerations faced by a licensed professional counselor who was newly employed by a school to work as a professional school counselor.
Learning Objectives:
1.Become familiar with the legal, ethical, risk management, and potential employment policies and procedures that influence a legal-ethical decision-making process
2.Explore the eight steps (and sub-steps) of the Legal-Ethical Decision-Making Model (Wheeler & Bertram, 2019)
3.Apply the model to a critical incident in a school counseling setting to better understand positive practices and risk management concerns highlighted by an ethical dilemma.
CE Credit(s):
1 NBCC Hours; 0 CRCC Hours; 1 WA Hours; 0 APT Hours; 0 NAADAC Hours; 1 NY Hours; 1 Ethics Hours

This CE is based on an ACA book. Click The Counselor and the Law: A Guide to Legal and Ethical Practice, Eighth Edition to view the Table of Contents and purchase the book.
NBCC ACEP No. 1000
November 01, 2021
Text-Based Continuing Education Product
Available for Immediate Download